The Art of Collaboration Ireland

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Ultan O'Brien is a Traditional Musician, Composer, and Teacher

Shahab Coohe is a Persian Musician

Seho Lee is an International Pianist, Professor, Vocal Coach and Repetiteur

Killian O'Brien is a Design and Innovation Strategist

Dr Sean Roe is a Lecturer at the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queens University Belfast

Professor Jim Lucey is the Medical Director at St. Patrick's Hospital, and is Clinical Professor Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin

Laoise O'Brien is a Lecturer at TU Dublin, Performer, Pedagogue, and Producer

Dr Cyril Kirwan is a Consultant and Coach in Learning and Development

Shayan Coohe is a Persian Musician

Mick O'Brien is a renowned Traditional Musician and Teacher

Marcella Barz is a Canadian Doctoral Music Researcher at TU Dublin who creates basic websites in her spare time.

Professor Paul Roe is a Lecturer at the Royal Irish Academy of Music and at TU Dublin Conservatory of Music. He is also a Performer, Pedagogue, and Leadership Coach